In the Lambs’ Den

One of the things I most enjoy doing is going to church. Even when I was younger and religious, and the pressure of familial attendance had diminished, there were few things that I would have preferred on a Sunday morning more than planting myself in a pew.

And I still find myself doing so even today, though I’m more of an explorer these days than a pilgrim. So when I received an invitation from a friend of John’s to attend their church, and even to be interviewed for their adult Sunday School class, I jumped on it. Going “inside the Lambs’ Den” in this way has always been a distinct pleasure, and I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this.

If you would be interested in a similar exchange at your DFW-area church, please contact me here.

2 thoughts on “In the Lambs’ Den

  1. I have gone to Bible Study classes with my Baptist friend and it was a good experience. There certainly were people who were judgmental of my POV, but most were open to me and some were even curious about me in a way that made me think they were glad to have the experience to talk to a real and friendly atheist.

    • That’s awesome. It is indeed refreshing to meet atheists/humanists/freethinkers who are open to genuine conversation and don’t allow epistemological/presuppositional rigidity to squelch productive dialogue. More people like you and Zach are sorely needed if believers and freethinkers can hope to achieve human greatness together.

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