About John

John was raised attending Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist, and Nondenominational churches in Houston. He happily mixed theistic beliefs with whatever else sounded good, particularly if it had anything to do with Native American spirituality. John had a “conversion experience” at age 17 after landing himself in jail for felony robbery. It was then that he began to take following Jesus seriously.

While earning his BA in Philosophy at Texas A&M, John became more aware of the “odd” place he occupied amongst his southern, born-again, evangelical friends. Anything intellectual was looked upon with great suspicion. He did, however, have some good Christian friends who encouraged him to attend seminary. John began a M.Div. at Southwestern Baptist but soon transferred to Dallas Seminary. Dallas is known for its languages programs and Southwestern Baptist was proving to be, well…a little too Southwestern. And Baptist.

Dallas Seminary was precisely what John needed to grow in spiritual maturity as well as intellectual and personal integrity. Questions, disagreements, and nontraditional beliefs were discussed openly and fairly. The doctrinal requirements for students are the most basic and professors encourage sound exegesis regardless of where the results lead. Ironically, Dallas Seminary raised so many issues in John’s mind and heart that he found his faith on the decline over the last couple of years. He is a Doubting Thomas working out the faith he still has.

With friends to help along the way, such as Søren Kierkegaard, Paul Tillich, Friedrich Nietzsche, Robert M. Price, Philip Yancey, Merold Westphal, Bruce Ellis Benson, Jean-Luc Marion, Jacques Derrida, Jonathan Edwards, and many others, John is evaluating his beliefs without fear.

Currently, John is married to the smartest and most beautiful woman alive with whom he is raising his beautiful baby boy in Dallas, Texas.